About Me

What makes JenT tick?

Troubleshooting and writing clear and concise instructions for follow-up were a huge part of my working life and honing those skills taught me to really listen and respond with actionable replies. When I set up my first site on WordPress.com in 2006, these skills naturally carried over to helping other WordPress.com users with their sites and led soon after to the creation of this site, WPcomMaven.

Yiddish Glossary:

  • A “maven” is someone who has expertise in a particular subject
  • “Kvetch or kvell” means “complain or praise”
  • A mensch is someone who is honorable.

After so many years and answering thousands of user questions, you’re probably wondering if JenT has a life outside WordPress.com. Why, yes!

Now that I’m officially retired, you might find me out and about with my camera or knitting needles, museum hopping, slogging through a field, stream or forest in search of wildflowers, volunteering at our local food rescue and distribution initiative, in a cafe drinking a long espresso or sitting somewhere near that big pond in my backyard with my nose in a book.

N.B. This About page started life as a Block Pattern and is a continual work-in-progress.

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Kvetch or kvell, it's all good, but be a mensch.

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