About Me

What makes JenT tick?

After so many years and answering thousands of user questions, you might be wondering if JenT has a life outside WordPress.com. Why, yes! Thanks for asking.

Now that I’ve officially retired from my day job, I might be out and about with my camera or knitting needles, museum hopping, slogging through a field, stream or forest in search of wildflowers, volunteering at our local food rescue and distribution initiative, in a cafe drinking a long espresso or sitting somewhere near that big pond in my backyard with my nose in a book.

Yiddish Glossary:

  • A “maven” is someone who has expertise in a particular subject
  • “Kvetch or kvell” means “complain or praise”
  • A mensch is someone who is honorable and so much more.

N.B. This About page started life as a Block Pattern and is a continual work-in-progress.

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Kvetch or kvell, it's all good, but be a mensch.

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