Three Ways You Can Add Mastodon To Your Website

Have you recently migrated to Mastodon and would like to add it to your site’s social links here on Here’s how: 1. Add the Social Icons block to your site; Mastodon is already included. 2. Add Mastodon to your site’s Social Links Menu. At the moment it will display as a generic link iconContinue reading “Three Ways You Can Add Mastodon To Your Website” Ads on Free Sites – A Nightmare on Your Main Street

Not that long ago our knitting guild was considering moving its website to I half-jokingly mentioned to a fellow guild member that I hoped advertising would never be like on our guild’s current free website, hosted elsewhere, that is covered in more ads per pixel than content. Sadly, it seems the day ofContinue reading “ Ads on Free Sites – A Nightmare on Your Main Street”

Why Build Your Business Website on

In addition to individuals, companies are also building their web presence on, either as a blog or as a full website including full e-commerce websites. And what’s not to like? On signing up and agreeing to the Terms of Service, a company gets a website with all updates and back-end security handled by,Continue reading “Why Build Your Business Website on”

Google Fonts and GDPR

Just when you thought it was safe… Earlier this year, a German regional court fined a website operator for transferring a site visitor’s IP address to Google through the use of Google Fonts without the visitor’s explicit consent. Following the news of the above ruling, WordPress theme authors were urged to bundle theme fonts withContinue reading “Google Fonts and GDPR” vs. a Self-Hosted WordPress Install: What’s Best For You?

The confusion around the differences between WordPress and has been around since the beginning of time. Well, maybe not exactly then, but certainly since 2005 when said “Hello World!” and especially since the introduction of the Jetpack plugin which connects self-hosted WordPress sites to so they can enjoy features available only onContinue reading “ vs. a Self-Hosted WordPress Install: What’s Best For You?”