Publicize to Your Google+ Pages

Great news for those who wanted it, and there were many of you that did! The wait is over. You can now publicize to your Google Plus *Page*, not just your profile. Thank you again,!

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Back in September we announced some cool new ways to connect your site to your Google+ account. One major improvement was the ability to bring your and Google+ profiles closer together by sharing your content via Publicize.

Make your content visible on your Google+ Page

Today we’re happy to announce yet another way to integrate the two platforms. You can now use Publicize to share your content on your Google+ Page too!

While Google+ Profiles are used by individuals, Google+ Pages function as a space for organizations, companies, public figures, and other branded entities (for example: your blog!). You’d use your Google+ Profile to interact with friends and personal acquaintances; your Google+ Page would serve your public persona as a professional, business owner, artist, or blogger.

To get started, head over to your dashboard, then go to Settings → Sharing. When you’ve reached the…

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Google Plus: Connecting to Pages and Profiles

While we cannot yet publicize our posts to Google+ Pages (see this update), we can, however, add a link to either a Profile or a Page in a site's sidebar by going to this Google page while logged in on Google Plus: Because of code restrictions on, you can only use the Icon option offered … Continue reading Google Plus: Connecting to Pages and Profiles

Your Readers Are People

Excellent advice from Happiness Engineer James Huff about being true to your audience, WordAds or not! (via Google Plus embed)

Publicize to Google+ from One size fits all

This past week, community members received one of their most requested features, the ability to connect their site to their Google Plus profile. In the News announcement from, several options were presented, including: Publicizing your posts to Google Plus Google authorship for your site's posts. Commenting on sites using a Google … Continue reading Publicize to Google+ from One size fits all