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Hi there, if you are reading this page, you are likely looking for this site’s Privacy information and how you can remove either a comment, poll or contact form submission from this site. If so, please keep reading and maybe grab yourself a cup of (insert-favorite-beverage-here) first. But hang on, it might get bumpy. Here we go!

But first this important message: As I have already found my site’s privacy policy scraped and posted on other sites, please note the following, which is also noted at the end of this document in case you don’t get that far:

Copyright © 2018-2022 Jen Tocker, All Rights Reserved.

This means if you copy this page or major portions of this page to your own website, beyond the single instance of 55 consecutive words I allow, I, as the author of this page and copyright owner, will contact you to remove it from your site. If the material is not removed from your site within a reasonable period of time, I reserve the right to file a DMCA take-down order with your web hosting provider, be that Automattic LLC or someone else, under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Thanks for your attention.

If you are looking for information to write your own Privacy Notice for your website, Automattic/ has provided its users with resources which can be found in the support guide at Your Site and the GDPR

Knock, Knock. Whois there?*

This website, or, is operated by Jen Tocker and is made available to you through the platform, which is owned by Automattic, Inc.

What information we collect and why:

Automatically collected information:

Automattic/ may collect information about your visit to this site, including, but not limited to, the following (and which may come as a bit of a surprise if you are not familiar with how the internet works):

  1. The date and time of your visit
  2. Your device’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, i.e. your basic geographical location
  3. The hardware you use to access this site
  4. Your device’s operating system
  5. Your monitor’s resolution and color depth
  6. Your web browser/user agent
  7. Your browser language preferences
  8. The site you were referred from
  9. The post, page or media you visited
  10. Links you clicked on this site

Some, but not all, of this information shows up in my Stats dashboard and is automatically deleted by after 28 days. You can read more about what information is collected by the Stats feature on this page. Please note that this feature is activated by default on all sites and cannot be disabled.

Information you Provide when Subscribing/Following, Liking, Polls, Commenting or providing Feedback via the Contact form:

When you subscribe/follow this site or submit a comment or contact form on this site, participate in a poll or Like a post on this site, besides the automatically collected data processed by Automattic/ mentioned in the Jetpack Privacy notice, you provide me directly or indirectly with some or all of the following information:

  1. Your name or username
  2. Your Gravatar profile photo
  3. Your device’s Internet Protocol (IP) address
  4. Your social media username, if you log in or comment via social media log in
  5. Your email address and/or your website address
  6. The date and time of submission for polls, comments and contact forms and on what post or page the form was submitted.
  7. The date you subscribed/followed this site.

More details about how and why Automattic/ uses this information can be found in Automattic’s Privacy Policy under which this website operates, along with the Terms of Service (which all sites on must adhere to or risk suspension).


You can currently limit data collection by adjusting your browser’s cookie settings with the understanding that doing so may cause some functions on to break or malfunction. At the time of publication of this document, Automattic/ does not honor browser “Do Not Track” requests when visiting this site. If you are a logged in user, you can opt-out of Automattic’s 1st party analytic tools in your Account Privacy dashboard.*

Please refer to Automattic’s/ Cookie Policy for full information on what cookies are set by them or their partners in your web browser. This includes information on your choices regarding 3rd party, interest-based, targeted advertising cookies.

Further details on what information may be collected from you as a site visitor and how it is used by Automattic, including, the Akismet spam filter and CrowdSignal, and/or its partners can be found at “Information We Collect About Visitors to Our Users’ Sites” section of Automattic’s Privacy Notice.

For even more information about cookies and how to block them for your specific browser, please visit (updated at last!), Your Online Choices or the help pages for your browser:

Chrome (Desktop) (Android) (iOS)
FireFox (Desktop) (Android) (iOS)
Microsoft Edge
MS Internet Explorer (Really? Do check out any of the other browsers listed here to upgrade your entire web browsing experience.)

Additional Cookies used on this Site:

In addition to cookies from Automattic/, this site uses both Google Analytics (as of January 2019) and Clicky Analytics. Each of these utilities has their own unique Privacy and Cookie policies and also provide you the means to opt-out so your browser data is not collected. Please visit these websites for further details.

What I do with the information collected on this site:

Beyond the automated actions taken for tallying statistics or posting your comment, poll response or contact form on this site or subscribing you to this website site, information collected via automated analytics (Automattic, Google, Clicky) and available to me is only used to help me better understand the types of content valuable to you and how you interact with it.

Submissions of Follows, comments and contact forms are also sent to me as an email notification by Automattic/ If you have directly or indirectly expressed in your submitted form that you wish to receive a reply by email, I may use the email address you provide to reply to you.

If you subscribe to this site as a logged in user, as this site’s owner, I do not have access to your email address. If you are a logged out site visitor and subscribe by email, your email address is visible to me, but again is used only for the purpose of subscribing you to notifications of new posts on this site.

Your private information is never intentionally used by me for any other purpose than those stated above. I never and will never knowingly sell or share your private information with an outside party.  Period. (Please don’t say, “Never say never!”)

A Note on the use of Google Products on this Site:

As mentioned above, this site uses Google Analytics to help me understand your interaction with my website. Additionally, this site uses the Google Fonts API to bring you web fonts. If you are concerned that your IP address or any personally identifying information may be transferred to Google as a result of your visiting this website, do not continue to visit this website.

Security Measures I take to safeguard your information:

The information collected through your visit and interaction with this website is safeguarded by Automattic/, Google and Clicky respectively. As a user of these platforms, I have no independent access or means to secure your data beyond the security measures taken by them directly.

If you are a registered user, adding 2-step Authentication to your account is highly recommended, but for your own sanity, PRINT OUT A SET OF YOUR BACKUP CODES and keep them in a safe place you always have access to (and sorry for shouting).

Your Rights as an EU Individual

For further details concerning your data rights as an EU individual, please see the section, “Questions About Your Rights As A User of our Services” in the Automattic GDPR Privacy Guide (Previous), Google’s Privacy and Clicky’s Privacy guides.

As the owner of this website, or, the above represents my practices and is my good faith agreement between myself and my site visitors and users, and which will be updated with new information as it become available or circumstances change.

Request for Removal of a Comment, Poll Response or Contact form submission from this website:

You may use the form below to request removal of your comment, poll response, or contact form submission from this website.

If requesting removal of your publicly visible comment, you must include a direct link to that comment in your request. If requesting removal of your contact form or poll response  submission, visible only to me, you must include a link to where the form was submitted as well as the date when the form was submitted. If you are requesting removal of a poll response, you will also need to indicate the country from which you submitted your response.

Information will be removed under the condition that you have requested removal using the exact same username and email address that submitted the original comment and/or contact form. If you have changed username and/or email address since submitting your comment or contact form, you must include the relevant username and email address as a part of your request. This is a security measure intended to ensure identification of the person requesting removal.

If the above conditions are met, I will endeavor to remove the information within one month from receipt of your request, depending on the number of requests you submit and their complexity.

The information you submit in the form below is not publicly displayed. Your request for removal will be kept on record for only as long as required by law in order to comply with legal regulations.

Request for Subscription Removal:

If you have subscribed to follow my blog posts through either the subscription widget on my site or the Follow button available to logged in users, you can remove your subscription by clicking the Unsubscribe link provided at the bottom of every email notification you’ve received of a new post published on this site or by clicking the green Following link in your Reader Manage Subscriptions dashboard.

If you are unable to remove your subscription for any reason, please fill out the form below and I’ll manually remove it for you. Again, you must provide the exact username and email address under which you subscribed to my site. Please note  that removing your subscription in this way may not immediately suspend notifications of new posts. Please note: This is not a form to subscribe.

Again, the information you submit in the form below is not publicly displayed. Your request for removal will be kept on record for only as long as required by law in order to comply with legal regulations.

If you made it all the way to the bottom of this page, you are my hero!

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*Inside joke. If you purchased a domain from Automattic and enabled domain privacy, the company that is your alias in WHOIS searches is “Knock Knock WHOIS Not There, LLC”


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Copyright © 2018 – 2022 Jen Tocker, All Rights Reserved.