Has anyone seen Gutenberg?

In the roadmap outlined by Matt Mullenweg at WordCamp Europe in Belgrade, the new Gutenberg editor for WP Admin users on WordPress.com was to be integrated sometime in June. Yes, here on WordPress.com. (Pro tip: WordPress.com is the test arena for  features coming to standalone WordPress.) https://twitter.com/dimensionmedia/status/1007599787523354625 Looking even more closely at the screenshots from … Continue reading Has anyone seen Gutenberg?

Not The Daily Post

The casting off of The Daily Post after 7 years has left many bloggers adrift with feelings of abandonment. The Powers That Be also removed the page that listed community organized events that was available there, but fortunately you can still find it in The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. https://twitter.com/wpcommaven/status/1006458534169645056 If you can, donate a … Continue reading Not The Daily Post

Your Year in Blogging from WordPress.com

https://twitter.com/wpcommaven/status/814533526469099520 For the first time since 2010, WordPress.com will not send out its annual "Your Year in Blogging" report to users. As far as this site goes, until today there were 4, now 5, posts published in 2016, with 1,730 page views by 1,150 visitors from around 80 countries with the USA, Canada, the UK, … Continue reading Your Year in Blogging from WordPress.com

Tweet Shares Missing?


Singing The New Dash Editor Blues

Since about 2011-12, WordPress.com users have been redirected to the New Dashboard ("New Dash") after logging in on the main WP.com log-in page rather than to their primary site's Dashboard. This change coincided with the introduction of the WordPress.com Reader and "Freshly Pressed" to the New Dash.  The "Quick Editor" was added and allowed users to select … Continue reading Singing The New Dash Editor Blues

Happy Retirement!

No, not me! I have a few years yet before that happens and I'm very much looking forward to it. https://twitter.com/wysiwygjt/status/365930540387418112 If you are currently using one of these themes, don't panic!  If past history is any basis for judgement, these themes have only been made unavailable to newly created sites. Anyone who currently is … Continue reading Happy Retirement!

10 Insights from Quillcards

https://twitter.com/Quillcards/status/298015292729225216 Not just the "how" but also the "why." Excellent advice. Planning is the key and this is true for WordPress.com bloggers as well.