Why Build Your Business Website on WordPress.com

In addition to individuals, companies are also building their web presence on WordPress.com, either as a blog or as a full website including full e-commerce websites. And what’s not to like? On signing up and agreeing to the Terms of Service, a company gets a website with all updates and back-end security handled by WordPress.com,Continue reading “Why Build Your Business Website on WordPress.com”

WordPress.com vs. a Self-Hosted WordPress Install: What’s Best For You?

The confusion around the differences between WordPress and WordPress.com has been around since the beginning of time. Well, maybe not exactly then, but certainly since 2005 when WordPress.com said “Hello World!” and especially since the introduction of the Jetpack plugin which connects self-hosted WordPress sites to WordPress.com so they can enjoy features available only onContinue reading “WordPress.com vs. a Self-Hosted WordPress Install: What’s Best For You?”

How to Build a Website From Scratch With WordPress.com in 10 Steps-via WordPress.com Go

Originally posted on Go WordPress:
Creating a website from scratch can be intimidating. This is especially true if you have never designed one before and your time is tight. When you have other things to do (like building your business or pursuing the passion you’d like to share), it may feel like an insurmountable task.…

Blog Privacy and Subscribers-5 more things to know

Without a doubt the most popular post on this website is “Blog Privacy and Subscribers“. Originally published in 2011 and updated in August 2021, it remains accurate about how Privacy works in spite of the many changes here on WordPress.com. Since February 2019, any new site you create on WordPress.com is set to “Coming Soon” byContinue reading “Blog Privacy and Subscribers-5 more things to know”

Build Your WordPress.com Site-The Tutorials

You’ve signed up and created your very first WordPress.com website. Congrats, but now what? Two of the biggest challenges new users have when starting out on WordPress.com are choosing a theme and learning the basics of site set up. WordPress.com helps you select an initial theme based on the information you provide about what yourContinue reading “Build Your WordPress.com Site-The Tutorials”