Looking for HELP!

Once you start your WordPress.com site, it won’t be too long before you seek some extra help in understanding what makes it tick. While every new member of the WordPress.com community receives a “Welcome” letter with a link to the WordPress.com beginner’s tutorial, Learn WordPress.com, many answers can be found on the excellent WordPress.com Support Site, whichContinue reading “Looking for HELP!”

Doing Business on WordPress.com

More companies are making their way to WordPress.com to build their web presence either as a blog or as a full website (as long as e-commerce is not the primary function of the site). And what’s not to like? On signing up and agreeing to the Terms of Service, a company gets a free orContinue reading “Doing Business on WordPress.com”

How to write a great bug report

As someone who answers questions in the WordPress.com Community Support Forum, the following suggestions from the JetPack blog on how to write a bug report are also really excellent for helping us forum volunteers try to sort out any problem you may be experiencing with your WordPress.com blog. Sometimes, however, there may be a problemContinue reading “How to write a great bug report”