Why I don’t miss the Reblog button currently AWOL on WordPress.com websites

The most frequent feedback from community members of the website Reblog button is that it immediately publishes the reblog to your website when you clicked the button. That didn’t allow you, the reblogger, to preview your post, add your own site’s categories and tags, save your reblog as a draft post, schedule your reblog, addContinue reading “Why I don’t miss the Reblog button currently AWOL on WordPress.com websites”

Blog Privacy and Subscribers-5 more things to know

Without a doubt the most popular post on this website is Blog Privacy and Subscribers, published in 2011, and it remains generally accurate about how Privacy works in spite of the many changes here on WordPress.com. Choosing your site’s Privacy setting is no longer included as one of the first steps when signing up for aContinue reading “Blog Privacy and Subscribers-5 more things to know”

Build Your WordPress.com Site-The Tutorials

You’ve signed up and created your very first WordPress.com website. Congrats, but now what? Two of the biggest challenges new users have when starting out on WordPress.com are choosing a theme and learning the basics of site set up. WordPress.com helps you select an initial theme based on the information you provide about what yourContinue reading “Build Your WordPress.com Site-The Tutorials”