minimeavat2After hand coding HTML and CSS on my two websites for more than 4 years, in 2004 I migrated my sites to WordPress 1.2 and never looked back. Even back in 2004 the learning curve in setting up and maintaining a WordPress website was considerable, when really all I wanted to do was get my content online quickly and easily. Suddenly, and perhaps prophetically, in 2006 my web hosting provider went bust and a new opportunity appeared.

Hello, WordPress.com!

Service and support have been a part of my entire working life and that taught me to really listen and respond with clear and actionable replies, which I do every day while answering user questions as a volunteer in the WordPress.com community forums. I’ve been doing that almost from the beginning, 12 years ago. Let me know what I can do to help you be the Maven of your own WordPress.com website!

When not helping WordPress.com users, you might find me out and about with my camera, slogging through cow pies or a stream in search of wildflowers, in a cafe drinking a long espresso or sitting somewhere near that big pond in my backyard with my nose in a book.

What others had to say:

Assuming that after wandering through all the cyberspace confusion I have actually reached “justjennifer”, I wanted to say a belated “thank you” for your response to my WordPress question about “trash” and “deletions”. Your reference was perfect, and cleared the muddle for me.


I am thrilled I found your site as navigating setting up a blog as well as attempting to understand all the ins and outs is overwhelming. I love your banter and look forward to learning from you while smiling. Stacey


Awesome help on on my wordpress.com panic attack on Christmas day no less. Thank you! If I could send you a virtual Aroma I would.

Tarbuton, Israeli Cultural Experiences in San Diego

I’ve been searching for how to delete a Mailchimp popup for like an hour and within two seconds on your site, I found the answer so THANK YOU.

Caitlin Elizabeth Harper