201508-02-600x600 copySometime in 2004 I installed WordPress 1.2 on one of my self-hosted domains after hand-coding their HTML and CSS for nearly two years. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Suddenly I could write whole site entries without needing to code it as well. This allowed me to concentrate on creating graphics and writing tutorials, which was the focus of my primary website at that time. However, there was still a big learning curve involved in running a WP site and documentation was geared towards people who are fluent in PHP and MySQL which, to this day, I still am not.

Then someone told me about WordPress.com, which was already a few months old. Even though I signed up straight away it took me several more months to actually start using the site and, again, there was a learning curve involved. Happily, this time it was a pleasant rather than painful experience thanks to a surprisingly vibrant and involved community of fellow WordPress.com users and being actively involved in the community forums.

After 12+ years on the WordPress.com platform, I admit to being a bit of a fan-girl, but I definitely have opinions!

Currently I manage quite a number of sites here on WordPress.com, each of them filling a different purpose and for various people. The purpose of this site is to delve into the wealth of information available, assist new and potential users of WordPress.com find the information they need and offer help to anyone needing a little extra assistance in getting settled in.

Hope you enjoy your visit!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Assuming that after wandering through all the cyberspace confusion I have actually reached “justjennifer”, I wanted to say a belated “thank you” for your response to my WordPress question about “trash” and “deletions”. Your reference was perfect, and cleared the muddle for me.

  2. I am thrilled I found your site as navigating setting up a blog as well as attempting to understand all the ins and outs is overwhelming. I love your banter and look forward to learning from you while smiling.


  3. I’ve been searching for how to delete a Mailchimp popup for like an hour and within two seconds on your site, I found the answer so THANK YOU.

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