WordCamp US 2022 – San Diego, CA – September 9 through 11, 2022

WordCamp US 2022 – San Diego, CA – September 9 through 11, 2022

WordCamp US 2022 – San Diego, CA – September 9 through 11, 2022

It’s just around the corner! The first in-person WordCamp US since 2019.

In order to handle any last minute changes, this year’s WordCamp US is being kept to a limited number of attendees, unlike the thousands at pre-pandemic WCEU and WCUS events of previous years. Tickets sold out almost as soon as they were made available, but if someone cancels and you’re quick, you might be able to pick up a ticket.

For those of us who aren’t in the neighborhood and won’t be at the live event, WordCamp US will be livestreaming the event for free (best invention since sliced bread!).

Watch party anyone?

(Wondering if your local WordPress community is having a WordCamp? You can check at WordCamp Central. For the European community at large, WordCamp EU 2023 will be in Athens, Greece.)

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6 thoughts on “WordCamp US 2022 – San Diego, CA – September 9 through 11, 2022

    1. Who knows, you might be able to pick up a last minute ticket, if you’re quick. 😉 https://us.wordcamp.org/2022/tickets/

      The time difference for the Livestream is a killer for me. It starts in the evening here and runs through our middle of the night. So what I can, I’ll watch and what I can’t, I’ll catch on WordCamp.tv. There’s a good post about shaping your #WCUS Livestream experience here https://us.wordcamp.org/2022/online-viewing-experience/

      And I just realized that there’s no “State of the Word” this year. That was always insightful.

      1. I checked out the schedule and I didn’t see anything that I will be interested in.

        Besides, it seems geared for what are generally classified as content providers.

        I barely qualify as a blogger.

      2. There will be a Q&A with Matt! I’ll be driving at that time and possible out of signal, but I’ll be excited to hear what questions come up.

      3. Yes, but… they are different types of events with different purposes. I’m glad to see this is a live chat, but if someone asks, “what need were you answering with the Block Editor”, well… LOL

        Here’s last December’s standalone State of the Word from NYC for anyone interested.

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