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WordPress is hosting a live online event tomorrow called “Beginner’s Guide to Full Site Editing.” Within three minutes of WordPress’ Twitter account tweeting about it, all 70 spaces were booked and the waiting list kicked in. As part of the project’s big picture goals for 2022, WordPress will be ramping up community efforts to help…

WordPress Ramps Up Social Learning Events on Full Site Editing, Project Aims for 500 Block Themes in 2022 — WP Tavern

There’s been a huge outreach effort over the last few months by the WordPress ORG community to help users and developers get acquainted with full site editing. I attended earlier sessions through the WordPress Social Learning MeetUp group, but wasn’t quick enough to secure a place for this one. As of right now, there are 76 on the waiting list (me included).

These social learning meetups take place in a very relaxed atmosphere, and in the ones I’ve attended so far you are an observer watching and asking questions while someone else demo’s an aspect of FSE. However, if you want to get your hands dirty and you have an existing WordPress.com account whose primary language is English, you can sign up today for a new WordPress.com FSE site right here.

There’s a bit of dissonance in Support staff replies to users about FSE. One one hand they say that since this is a Beta rollout, we shouldn’t use this on a production site (regardless, my 100dayproject website is running FSE). On the other hand, there’s a staff reply saying that FSE will be rolling out soon to all WordPress.com sites. I’m going to go out on a very narrow limb right now and say that even if it’s available everywhere, you won’t need to do anything different on your site, unless you want to. Until now, it’s been my understanding that the prerequisite to using FSE is activating a block theme.

We’re all staying tuned, intensely.

UPDATE: I must have a sixth sense about these things. Here is the official announcement from WordPress.com which was publishing maybe an hour after this post. If you are interested, make sure to sign up now for one of the 2 offered webinars.

As always, the information in this post is correct as of publication date. Changes are inevitable.

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