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Welcome news on the WordPress Classic Editor end of life.

“Before the release of WordPress 5.0 in 2018, the Classic Editor plugin was published to help ease the transition to the new block editor. At the time, we promised to support the plugin through 2021 and adjust if needed as the deadline got closer. After discussing this with Matt, it’s clear that continuing to support the plugin through 2022 is the right call for the project as well as the community. …”

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While continues to provide its users access to the Classic Editor Plugin via the WP Admin interface, there’s been no word from The Powers That Be on whether access will be extended here on I rather doubt there will be an announcement; just a quiet continuation if so.

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Update 2022 November 8:

Classic Editor is an official WordPress plugin and will be fully supported and maintained until 2024 or as long as is necessary.

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5 thoughts on “News – An Update on the Classic Editor Plugin –

  1. Almost exclusively using blocks now because when and if they get rid of Classic (or “improve” it using Blocks), I’m betting it won’t be backward compatible (meaning, it will probably screw up older posts).

    I have a couple of Classic templates for the short stories (easier to edit and format in the Classic editor), but everything else it’s the Block Editor, and I’m not even using the Classic Block because it’s not working correctly.

    And, no, my opinion of the Block Editor has not improved. The opposite, maybe.

    1. That’s an interesting thought. As you know, I’ve been updating some of my older posts and so far haven’t run into an issue of backward compatibility while using the Block Editor. I’m sure that compatibility was/is a concern for the WordPress project. I’ll make a note of it as I continue updating.

      In spite of what you say, I’m glad to hear you’re giving blocks a chance. 🙂

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