Virtual FieldTrip: A Conversation with Paul Jarvis

Content creators, small business owners, and makers have all had to shift our practices and orientation without much of a guide book in times of uncertainty. Why is it important for creators to define what enough is, step back, and most importantly, protect our digital footprints in the process?

For a one-of-a-kind live virtual Own Your Content FieldTrip, we chatted with designer, podcaster, and author Paul Jarvis about managing difficult times as a small business owner.

via Own Your Content a collaboration between and Creative Mornings*.

I tweeted not long ago that if you are so set in your ways that you can’t adapt to change, extinction can’t be far behind. But learning to pivot during this past year has not been an easy thing and not just for businesses. Watch the full talk below.

*Not familiar with Creative Mornings? It’s a breakfast lecture series for creatives that meets once a month on a topic chosen by one of its member chapters. There’s probably one right near you. Learn more and find your local chapter or join the continuing Virtual Fieldtrips at Creative Mornings.

So, how has this past year been for you? Has it brought you new insights and/or opportunities?

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