Go: The SEO Benefits of Creating a Website with WordPress.com

Almost every business has a digital presence now, and businesses that aren’t yet online should be. Whether you’re a small business, freelancer, or blogger, there are a lot of other sites to compete with and everyone wants to rank higher, for good reason. 

The SEO Benefits of Creating a Website with WordPress.com – WordPress.com

OK, officially I’m not here, but I wanted to share with you an article on WordPress.com’s online magazine, “Go“.

If you are new to site optimization or even if you already have some experience, its worth your time reading the above article. There are some hidden gems there, like the steps you can take to analyze your site’s current SEO to improve results.

Another good resource for learning SEO is the webinar run by WordPress.com. If you are more old school, back in the day, Blogging U ran a course on Blogging: Branding and Growth that you can still take as a self-paced course by email.

Happy learning and see you next month.

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4 thoughts on “Go: The SEO Benefits of Creating a Website with WordPress.com

  1. The Alt-text for images is where I hang up . . . I post many images and some are derivative of one image. Describing what the derivative (or even the photo) content is often impractical and unhelpful.
    . . . wait . . . I don’t have a business. Nevermind.
    Although, strangely, I’ve had a near-tripling of daily visitors lately . . . perhaps I’m SEOing better without even knowing it.

    1. It’s a huge SEO boost when you add alt text to images, not only for accessibility, but also for search engines and people who use search engines. Doesn’t really matter whether your site is a business site or not. Or did I misinterpret your intent?

      1. Also, if you add an image to your site in the block editor, look in the block sidebar and I believe you’ll see a link to a decision tree for whether to add alt text or not.

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