Remembering WP Admin – Deja Vu

In a bow to implementing more consistency in the user dashboard*, WPcom has brought back the link to WP Admin in the MySite/Calypso dashboard for all users across the platform. You’ll find the link to WP Admin at the very bottom of your MySite dashboard navigation.

This link was removed a few years ago on any new account or site created as the push was on to make the MySite dashboard the only dashboard on WPcom. When confronted with the need to access WP Admin to bulk edit content or any of the other processes still done there, new users to the platform had difficulties finding it. Much of the Support site documentation has notes that say:

In case you aren’t aware of the differences, WP Admin is the dashboard for the open source WP software, which the WPcom platform is based on, and the MySite dashboard is exclusive to the WPcom platform introduced in 2015. (If you are interested in learning about the development of this new interface, you can read the developer’s story here.)

This push for consistency is very welcome. Thank you,!

*This is my subjective conclusion, but there might be other reasons I am not privy to or aware of. And, as always, this information is correct as of today’s date. Changes are inevitable.

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11 thoughts on “Remembering WP Admin – Deja Vu

  1. First, good news and thanks for reporting it.

    Second, Oh boy, I am amazed. There must be something in the air because I was looking at my WP Admin dashboard just a few minutes ago and thinking about how it is not visible to new WP users. And I have not thought that for many months. I imagine I am not alone, so I can only think that the idea must be circulating in the cosmic ether and has landed in our brains.

    1. Happy to help. 🙂

      Like I mentioned in my post, accessing WP Admin is mentioned all over the Support site. It made sense to make that link available to everyone.

      1. Have you heard of Rupert Sheldrake and his conclusion that thoughts must exist independent of humans? You can google for him or for his discussion of ‘morphic resonance’. He was a philosophy professor at one of the Cambridge colleges where he developed his thoughts from his observations. Some friends and I were talking about him a few days ago and the general belief was that he was off the wall. Sheldrake’s conclusion would be that the WPAdmin thought gained its traction and critical mass in the Support pages and spread out into the cosmos and dropped gently into my brain and other people’s brains. The thought of things operating that way appeals to me 🙂 Sheldrake’s idea could be rubbish, but I give it ‘house room’ until we know more because there these coincidences in life.

      2. I hadn’t, but it’s intriguing. It also seems a bit of a “which came first, the chicken or the egg” hypothesis. 😀

  2. I still use the old dashboard, only visit the my site/calypso bits when I absolutely have to – but when I do, they tend to annoy me, so thanks for this – I’d sort of noticed it and sort of hadn’t! 🙂 Good to know it’ll be easier to get back to it without having to go the long way round (aka wp-admin affixed on the end of a retyped URL).

    1. It’s possible to get along quite well in the WP Admin dashboard and in some cases it has more info than MySites, like your Akismet stats, if that interests you. Personally, I enjoy reading the “WordPress Events and News” which is only available in WP Admin which is how I found out that there’s a new WP MeetUp group north of me. Still too far to travel to easily by public transportation unfortunately.

      1. I sometimes look at the WordPress news blog – just by surfing to it – but have closed most of the modules on my dashboard. I get too easily distracted by them if they’re open.

        One day I’ll get my act together and start using the blog I set up to write about the new editor, etc. It’s sort of waiting… !

      2. Yeah, I will one day. Already have two blogs and at the moment am trying to pace myself after over two months of illness.

  3. For a long time I’ve been wondering if the end game is to close off WP Admin to .org users. That would be a bridge too far. I thought Gutenberg was pushing it, but you can get around that with the Classic Editor plug-in.

    1. Hi Bill, do you mean ORG users accessing their WP site through their jetpack connection? If so, that’s an integration I hadn’t given thought to, but it makes sense.

      As far as the ORG Classic Editor plugin, the date I’ve been hearing for fully supporting it is until 2022, which could mean the end of 2021. What happens after that is still an unknown. Over here, WPcom built this lovely, independent dashboard (MySite/Calypso) with a Classic Editor that already has features different from the ORG version (the ability to justify text for one). In the long run, what would be the rational for removing it for WPcom users? If anything, I would say it’s a feature WPcom could market to ORG users to get their WP site connected via jetpack! 🙂

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