From WP Admin’s Classic Editor to Gutenberg

Hello world. This is a post I am writing using the Classic editor. I haven’t used this editor for a long while, not since I switched to Gutenberg. I am writing it and I cannot see any way to change to Gutenberg while I am in this post. So I am going to save it and then look at the options.

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One difference I noticed in my test site’s WP Admin is that if you never switched your site to the Block Editor in either WP Admin or the New Dash, you won’t see the link to “Classic Editor” that David mentions when hovering your mouse over the post or page title in WP Admin. Instead you’ll see the options of “Edit,” “Quick Edit,” “Copy,” “Trash” and “Preview.” These are the options when your site is using the Classic Editor.

WP Admin Posts Page – Before switching to Gutenberg

Additionally, at the top of your Edit screen you may see a message from that “There’s an easier way to edit posts on Switch to the new block editor” with a link to Learn More. Clicking that message will switch your site from the Classic Editor to the Block Editor. Your site’s existing post content will appear in Classic Blocks. David’s post explains how you can convert that from the Classic Block to blocks.

WP Admin Posts Page – After switching to Gutenberg

And I am not certain when it appeared, but after you switch your site to the Block Editor, the Add New button at the top of the WP Admin Posts page now gives you a choice of starting a new post in either the Block Editor or the Classic Editor.

I’m still taking the “New Editor” with a large grain of salt, even though it’s been more than a year since it was introduced. Things continue to be in flux as the Block Editor is updated and improved. Now on the sites where I’ve already implemented the Block Editor, I’m constantly being greeted by this notice when I open a post or create a new post and I can’t seem to permanently dismiss!

Looking forward to further explorations and new adventures with you and the Block Editor in 2020!

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