Gutenberg is in the rental unit

If you look in your WP Admin dashboard on your site, you might see this

Screenshot_2018-09-12 Dashboard ‹ WordPressdotcom
WP Admin Dashboard c. 2018

Don’t see a link to WP Admin in your MY SITES dashboard? Here’s why, but you can add /wp-admin/ to the end of your current site address to get there.

Depending on the number of users that enable Gutenberg on their site, there’s several thousand, if not millions, of additional sites able to test and provide feedback to the WP #gutenberg team.

Testing Gutenberg Without Enabling It On Your Site Yet

A couple of weeks ago, someone shared a link to a test install here on and I found the experience frustrating, especially since it wasn’t clear what each block was capable of doing. I would have liked a few New User Experience (NUX) messages to understand it better. So while I don’t think I’m ready to enable it on my currently active sites, I will test on a couple of my test sites.

According to the Gutenberg Roadmap that @photomatt shared at WordCampEU last June, Gutenberg will eventually be coming to the Calypso Editor, but it will also be possible to opt out.

Testing Gutenberg On Your Site

Once you enable Gutenberg in your site’s WP Admin dashboard, there is a very nice tutorial with brief NUX messages available from the sidebar.

Well look at that!

Using Gutenberg? What are your thoughts so far?

(Why “Rental Unit”? In the past @photomatt has compared using WordPress to owning a house and using to a rental unit. I have no problem with the analogy since my landlord takes all the burden of upkeep.)

As always, the information in this post is correct as of publication date. Changes are inevitable.

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16 thoughts on “Gutenberg is in the rental unit

    1. As did I, but on an older site with some existing content. For the life of me I still haven’t figured out how to insert a link in an image. One of the more frequent questions in tbe forums is how to do that in the new editor.

      1. Can you see the toolbar? If not, then you will in a moment. Write your anchor text as normal and (very important) write a word or two more. Highlight the anchor text and if the toolbar wasn’t visible before then it should be now and you will see the link thingie. The reason to add the extra words before you highlight the anchor text is that if you do not then when you continue typing it will just continue the link and screw everything up.

      2. Got it – it’s in the sidebar. Click on the image to highlight the block – then in the sidebar you can link to a custom URL. Is that what you mean?

      3. Ah, thanks for that! Took a bit longer than expected but learned a couple of things along the way.

        Looking in WP Admin All Posts Dashboard, the posts created with Gutenberg are flagged as such (like Drafts) and when you hover your cursor over the Post title, it gives you the option of editing the Post in the Classic Editor. Also When I removed the link as a caption to my image in the Post itself, the previous prompt to “add a caption” did not return*. Lots more to explore!

        *and then it did. 🙂

      4. I have just dis-Gutenberged on where I am using the Rosalie theme because it is messing up text sizes and failing to post some images at all.

      5. I’m not on the computer now but there should be a link from the theme’s showcase page on the support tab there.

        sent from my Android phone

  1. I had a ‘test the new editor today’ pane on my blog a while back but decided against it, then wondered about trying it on my test blog but haven’t been offered it again! I take it, it’s just going to (eventually) replace the editor and not going to completely replace wp-admin? I rely on that so much as it helps me through the frequent (and often annoying) changes that always happen here. I use very little of Calypso and still use the old post editor.

    There’s a woman who has early-stage Alzeimers who has a blog here that I follow and I wonder how she and others like her will cope with the changes that Gutenberg will bring when it arrives for everyone. These are issues that I don’t think’s ‘powers that be’ really think about. Come to that, I doubt that much of society thinks about them either. It’s very sad.

    1. All of that is very valid feedback, Val. Have you taken the Gutenberg survey or posted in the community forums?

  2. No. My brain’s not quite as on top of things as it used to be, Jen. Not sure that I’d be much help with feedback or even asking specific questions any more. I’ve not used the forums for about a couple of years now.

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