GDPR-A Finale, hopefully!

It’s taken some time for it to appear, but site owners now have a new Support Guide to assist them in crafting their own site’s Privacy policy, if needed.

Warning: a small rant lies ahead.

There are online services that should be lauded for the way they informed their users about what they were doing to make their service GDPR compliant, MailChimp for example. Sadly, was not one of them. While I realize that this is not comparing apples to apples, this support guide was way overdue. Yes, we users did receive a glut of information from Automattic/ a minute ahead of GDPR that was and is spread out over a number of websites and documents and which was and still is difficult to understand and put in context regarding one’s own website. We had 2 years to prepare for GDPR. While users waiting to the last minute might be understandable, if regrettable, it’s untenable for itself.

Rant over.

As I have already received a couple of requests from users to copy this site’s Privacy Policy or parts of it, let me say thank you, but no. I am not a lawyer and whatever I’ve written applies only to my own website, therefore please do not copy it in whole or in part and thanks for understanding.

And while excessive, this is the most detailed, educational and honest Cookie policy pop-up I have encountered so far while surfing the web:


But by the time I finished reading the notice, I’d forgotten what I came to read.

Seriously looking forward to life after the GDPR!

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3 thoughts on “GDPR-A Finale, hopefully!

  1. Urgh, I hate the GDPR for what it’s made my brain have to go through! I’m still not sure I’m out the other side yet…

    1. Hey Val, nice to reconnect. I think GDPR did eveyone’s head in. At one point my brain started to feel like I’d gone through a wormhole and reality got a little weird. I expect that’s going to happen again soon with Gutenberg. :p

      1. Likewise, Jen. 🙂 I’ve yet to read up on Gutenberg. I can see I’ve some ‘homework’ to do…

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