Survey Says… What’s Gutenberg?

Many thanks to those of you who took time to answer my brief end-of-the-year survey. We seem to be doing  OK on this site. You were generally able to find the information you were looking for and topics were covered to your satisfaction. The biggest question on your mind was Gutenberg, which is not surprising.

Not to be confused with “Project Gutenberg,” if you aren’t familiar with #Gutenberg, briefly, it is a WordPress plugin currently in development which completely changes the way content (for starters) is created in WordPress. Down the road, Gutenberg will also take over the way that websites themselves are designed and developed, not only content.

There are conversations and some heated arguments all over the web from stakeholders of every sort — users, developers, consultants and agencies — around Gutenberg’s development and eventual merger in WordPress core. Here is a small sampling for better understanding:

Although (where we are) runs its own specialized version of WP, it is based on WordPress core. Gutenberg is currently scheduled to be merged into WP v5.0 sometime around April 2018. Normally updates to are on continual roll-out, so we may (or may not) see features from WP v5.0 here on before that.

I’m just as curious as you are to understand how Gutenberg will alter the user experience here on, if at all. Beyond a few recent forum discussions, I personally don’t have any special knowledge of what’s to come. However, the  integration of Gutenberg also casts an entirely different light on the reason behind the  development and deployment of Calypso on What do you think?

Since WordPress (.org and .com) now runs about 29% of all websites on the web, no matter what happens, it will be interesting.

Stay tuned!

N.B. If you’d like to try out the Gutenberg plugin, but don’t have a standalone  install handy, you can set up a temporary site on and then install the Gutenberg plugin from the WP Admin plugin dashboard. Feedback is welcome on Github.

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5 thoughts on “Survey Says… What’s Gutenberg?

  1. Thank you for those links. Being a non-techie, I hadn’t heard of Gutenberg before and would likely have panicked when it comes out 🙂 . The link to Morten Rand-Hendriksen explained it well for me.

    1. Glad to have been of help, Kiki. I’m entirely unsure if, how, and when we’ll see Gutenberg here on WPcom. It completely reimagines the editing experience and it’s clear that not everyone using WP is going to be delighted with the change. :/

  2. Thx so much on this news tidbit. I so seldom follow developments but glad I stumbled your site again, Jennifer.

  3. And just thinking aloud, the inclusion of Gutenberg to WP core vis-a-vis is even more curious when you consider how hard has been pushing its users to use the New Dash/Calypso. Does that mean we will not have any further access to WP Admin at all? It’s all nervous speculation at this point.

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