WordPress.com Business Now Supports Plugins and Third-Party Themes

Now official-A huge and exciting step for WordPress.com and its users. Congratulations WordPress.com!

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For many years, WordPress.com has been a simple way for people to create their own beautiful WordPress website in minutes.

But that simplicity came with a tradeoff — WordPress.com did not offer built-in support for the thousands of third-party plugins and themes that helped make WordPress the world’s largest and most open web publishing platform.

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11 thoughts on “WordPress.com Business Now Supports Plugins and Third-Party Themes

  1. I saw that – and I must look into it more, if only to be clear in my own mind what the trade-off is between that and a self-hosted plan. One thing that stands out is that presumably one can use the WooCommerce plugin – and that could be good for some.

    1. Besides the obvious access to plugins and 3rd party themes, there are still a lot of questions about the level of access Business plan users will have to their site’s core functions and Staff have given somewhat contradictory replies during the trial period. Take a look now at the Support guide on code as well as the forum business-plan tag for recent user queries and Staff replies, especially from kokkieh. The official announcement did say that this is still a work in progress, but I hope that a more comprehensive Business FAQ will be published soon. There are lots of pre-upgrade questions being asked!

  2. Thanks, I took a look and I think I’ve got the picture. It’s a strange beast trying to straddle between standard WP.com and self-hosted. I wonder what happens if someone gets a white screen because they messed up the php in a custom functions file?

    Patrick Garman over on a FB group said the business plan is hosted and managed on Pressable.

    1. Forgive for not knowing who that is but even reading between the lines on the Code support page it would make the most sense. WPcom was already referring to them new sign ups who wanted an online shop.

      1. No reason you should know who he is – I was just putting a name to the comment. He ran digital for Colorpop which is a big WooCommerce site.

    1. If you haven’t yet, read through the links I’ve posted in my replies here so that you are better aware of the caveats. My take is that unless you really, truly do need the extras that the Business plan offers, the Premium plan more than satisfies most requirements at a much lower cost (for now).

      1. Actually I need woocommerce plugin for my site. I have 2 sites, 1 for main site, 1 for ecommerce ( I use woocommerce) . I think its more efficient if I just run one site instead of 2.

      2. Economically speaking, depending on the costs for your WooCommerce site, it might make more sense to migrate it over to your current WPcom installation if you upgrade to Business. Since you already have direct Staff support under your Premium upgrade, I’d suggest asking them for exact details about how this would work. Hope it all works out for you.

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