I’m currently taking an extended vacation from posting, but wanted to pass along a couple of updates: Business Plan Gets an Upgrade (unofficial):

Since there has been no public announcement from WordPressdotcom/Automattic about the changes to the Business plan upgrade following the forum thread this past May, it seems those changes are in the testing phase for the time-being.

There have been some interesting forum threads which illustrate the limitations of the current Business plan set up.  For example, some features that you might want to activate, like new user registrations for your membership site or forum, means your users must still sign up first for a WordPressdotcom account.

Where Are the Free Themes?

As of this post, the current number of themes available in the Theme Showcase is 354, of which 140 are free themes. WordPressdotcom only announces the introduction of free themes, so it seems that the number of free themes being released is decreasing over time. The current trend is to update popular free themes to include WordPressdotcom’s newer features and to retire older themes that cannot be updated. While I think this is a good thing overall for users, it also pushes/encourages users to buy a Premium theme as a standalone upgrade. Arrivederci, “Theme Thursday.”

New Service:

Getting a new enterprise off the ground is surprisingly complex! At this point I’ve read more Terms of Service contracts than I ever thought existed, not to mention ogling oodles of plugins to make your experience both fun and productive. Hoping to launch in Q4/2017. Provided I don’t lose my mind first. Kidding!


The featured image in this post is from our short vacation in Lago di Garda, Italy. Enjoy your summer holidays wherever they may take you!

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    1. The whole area was! We drove about 2/3 around the lake and every spot had wonderful views which changed with the light. Maybe I’ll put up a Gallery on Shutterclutter later. 🙂

      1. Silly me! I already did. I hope the weather cools down soon. It’s really doing my head in. 😉

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