WPcom Business Plan gets an upgrade (unofficial)

With very little information to go on, it looks like WordPressdotcom has taken the final leap to enter the full, managed WP hosting arena by offering its Business plan users access to a wider range of plugins and custom themes through the Calypso dashboard. This includes access to WooCommerce and forums like bbPress and BuddyPress.

Other than new-to-me WPcom staff commenting in a community forum thread and an updated support document on the differences between WordPressdotcom and WP.org, there’s no official announcement yet to verify this change in the Business plan.

Update as of half an hour after publishing this post: a more-familiar Staff member answered in the community forum thread and confirmed that this change is official. Users who already have the Business plan upgrade can get more help and information via live chat.

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8 thoughts on “WPcom Business Plan gets an upgrade (unofficial)

  1. Great heads-up about this.

    I see the note in the comparison page, thanks.

    “Popular features like sharing, stats, comments, and polls are included. You can install plugins to extend your site’s capabilities (e.g. to create your own WooCommerce store).”

    I wonder what other plugins are allowed?

    The WooCommerce option has been brewing for a long while, so I am not surprised it might be here. I run a self-hosted WooCommerce store, and to tailor it to our B2B requirements I have bits of code in the functions file and some non-Woo plugins. I wonder what the .com version will allow?

    Did you see the notice about Jetpack teaming up with Dreamhost/DreamPress to offer Jetpack premium for free? I wonder what other web hosts think of the partnership? Will there be more partnerships? etc.

    1. It’s a whole new world and I can’t wait to hear some official news about it. At this point it’s all guesswork for the most part.

      Not having a standalone WP.org site any longer, it’s hard for me to compare what plugins there are or aren’t available. From a quick look at my new site’s plugin dash on wpcomcierge, the list is extensive, but again I don’t have any concrete information on how this will be implemented for WordPressdotcom users. As they say, stay tuned!

    1. Personally, I think this is a smart strategy. US$300/year (*if* it remains at that price) for what is being offered is competitive with most managed WP hosting. IMO what was holding it back was the inability to connect to additional plugins. (And now we know why the push was on to adopt Calypso ASAP.)

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