How-To: Keyboard Shortcuts

Are you missing the underline and justify text buttons in the WP-Admin Editor? Several users have noticed their disappearance and commented about it in the community forums.

You can still use keyboard shortcuts to perform the above actions. If you need a reminder, you can find them by clicking on the ? in the second row of toolbar buttons above the editing box. If you don’t see that second row, click on the Toolbar Toggle button at the far right of the first row of buttons.

Editing Tools in the WP Admin/Classic Editor

While this change doesn’t affect those writing in the Calypso Editor, it’s an additional annoyance for users who favor writing in the WP-Admin Editor.

One caveat worth mentioning: Justifying text may cause issues in responsive-width themes when viewing on certain devices.

This gives me an opportunity to repeat a poll from a couple of years ago where you let us know which editor you are using. Let’s see if things have changed since then. This poll will close 1 week from today.

Other recent news is the collaboration between Google and which allows you to directly publish to your or Jetpack-connected site from Google Docs, including all the formatting, images and all. Have you tried it yet?

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6 thoughts on “How-To: Keyboard Shortcuts

    1. So no real changes for you then. 🙂 The HTML formatting buttons, which were removed in Calypso, are supposed to return next week sometime but otherwise I just had a look at the Calypso editor and the whole interface got a makeover. I pity the poor person that has to update all the screenshots in the Support docs!

      1. That’s good, because as it is at the moment – I curse silently every time I want to edit a post and it takes me to the ‘new and improved’ editor – and I have to trace my way back to the classic Admin page.

  1. I still use the classic editor for my food blog, because in my recipes I do SHIFT+ENTER to avoid bigger line spacing for ingredient lists. When I use the new dashboard editor for a recipe post, that part gets screwed up and throws all lines where I used SHIFT+ENTER into 1 line.

      1. No I didn’t post it cause I thought it’s kind of my own fault for doing the shift+enter thing. I haven’t seen anything about it in the forums either which made me think people probably don’t don’t do the same thing and hence don’t have that problem. At leading the classic editor is still available.

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