Only 15% of you write in the WP Admin Editor

WordCampUS happened the first weekend in December and with it Matt Mullenweg’s annual State of the Word with updates and future trends for WordPress and by projection also for WordPressdotcom. There were plenty of jaw-dropping announcements for everyone in Matt’s presentation, but the statistic that blew me away was this:

Those are statistics for one month on (69,525,528 Posts and 11,340,680 Pages published in November 2016) What is disappointing is that even that 15% is being squeezed out as the link to WP Admin disappears, first in the Calypso dashboard for new sites and apparently now being quietly removed for everyone else. For the moment, we can still get to the WP Admin by adding /wp-admin to our site address. Matt said that he believes that the Calypso dashboard is the future of WordPress overall.

Another big announcement Matt made is that Calypso is now plugin aware so the move is on to first bring all of Automattic’s plugins to the Calypso interface. Since WordPressdotcom has been without any e-commerce alternative since it retired the 3 available options in February 2016, bringing Woocommerce to WordPressdotcom is a big deal. While Matt didn’t explicitly say when this would happen during his talk, it is actively being worked on a former Automattic employee assured me. If you sign up as a new WordPressdotcom user today and choose the “an online store” option, you are redirected to Pressable, a hosted WordPress provider starting at $25/month.

Lastly also big news, but maybe only sys admins can love, are the above charts which show the huge improvements in server CPU use and Latency after moving to PHP7, which is now the recommended PHP version for all WordPress sites. What that means for us WordPressdotcom users is that the backend of the over 110 million sites* registered on WordPressdotcom is amazingly fast. So much the better for pinging back and forth from the Calypso API. 😉

Matt’s entire State of the Word for 2016 can be found on, along with all the other presentations from this year’s WordCampUS.

*This is the last total figure I heard during WordCampIsrael in March 2016 during a talk given by one of Automattic’s data scientists. In November 2016 alone there were 1,316,350 new sites created on WordPressdotcom. That’s 43,878 new sites created each day.

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13 thoughts on “Only 15% of you write in the WP Admin Editor

  1. Only because Wp loads so slowly, even with latest Wp downloads installed. On average it takes five minutes to edit anything. Pathetic.

  2. Thanks for this – I am very surprised about Calypso.

    I downloaded it after reading your article. I see is that there is no menu bar in the Admin HTML interface. So the only way to, for example, upload an image is via the Visual interface. Why, I wonder?

    I have been using MarsEdit from RedSweaterSoftware for a long time. It is a desktop app and one can post from it to various platforms, including WP.

    Over the years I have stopped using it much because I prefer to be in the actual site itself where my eyes half-consciously scan things and wonder whether a widget is in the best place or whether I should change the header image?etc.

    Being in the app (whether MarsEdit or Calypso) feels removed from the Web. What’s your feeling about that? I will try it but I sense that I will probably delete the app from my machine.

    1. I feel I might need to make a clarification here. I’m not referring to the WP desktop or mobile apps that need to be downloaded, but the Calypso (new blue) dashboard one arrives at after signing in at and which WordPressdotcom keeps forcing us to use. One reason why I uninstalled the desktop app is because it isn’t an offline editor (sic)! Since I spend so much time on the site anyway, there was absolutely no reason or benefit for me to work from the desktop app.

      Having said that, the desktop app Editor and the online Calypso Editor are supposed to behave the same. I just noticed the absence of any toolbar in the HTML Editor online as well and wondered if this wasn’t a bug, but apparently not!

    1. The HTML *Admin* or Editor? If the HTML Editor I understand completely. I know that the move to add the WYSIWYG/Visual Editor to ORG was met with a lot of resistance.

      1. I am not sure what the ‘Editor’ is – is it Calypso? I guess it is? To answer your question – it’s the Admin editor – and it is not going away in .org and someone in the audience asked whether it might be possible to make it ‘aware’ (like in a code text editor) – with colour highlighting etc. And Matt said he thought it was a great idea and said he will get the team to work on it.

      2. Ah, that was the guy asking about syntax highlighting, so the WP Admin Editor.

        By “Calypso” I mean the “New Blue”/BeepBeepBoop dashboard. There is a huge effort (as I’m sure you know) to make that the default dashboard on WordPressdotcom and it seems there will be more and more redirects of links from the WP Admin Dashboard to there.

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