Singing The New Dash Editor Blues

For those who are interested, a bit of reading about the changes to posting over time:

January 2012: Read All Your Favorite Blogs In One Place

March 2012: A Faster Way to Publish Posts (seems not all experiments are successful.)

January 2013: A New Responsive Design for

April 2013: Preview the Future Design of the WordPress Dashboard (the move to make the WP Classic Admin Dashboard usable across devices)

June 2013: The Dashboard Gets a Beautiful Makeover (implementation of April’s preview)

March 2014: Introducing Smoother Editing and New Playlists

July 2014: New Editing and Media Library Updates Are Here

October 2014: A New My Sites Section

December 2014: One Central Hub for All Your Content

December 2014: Upgraded Stats and Navigation Enhancements 

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Never stop learning.

8 thoughts on “Singing The New Dash Editor Blues

  1. ~ /wp-admin/post-new.php takes me right where I want to go. Or am I missing something? I could bookmark it, but I just trace through with my mouse on All Sites/Switch Site/ Site/New Post

    I read KokkieH’s post a couple of days ago on the same point – and I didn’t understand the problem. I feel I must be missing something, or perhaps I have learned to work within the confines of the system – or perhaps the -dash- changes haven’t taken effect on my Admin panels yet?

    1. It could be that there is A/B testing going on, but to the best of my knowledge the changes to the links in the Admin bar (not your site Dashboard panels) are platform-wide and take you to the New Dash Editor. This also includes the EDIT link that appears in your posts and pages.

      Being that both of us started with what is now called the Classic Editor, we may never use the New Dash Editor for creating posts. However, the newer users are clicking that pencil icon in the Admin bar and now find themselves “stuck” in the New Editor without a way (so it seems) to get to the Classic Editor.

      Off to read KokkieH’s post. Thanks for the tip.

    2. It could be that the cookie that set the preference for the classic editor hasn’t expired for you yet. Every day there are new users in the forum who suddenly find themselves in the new editor after deleting their cookies, so it’s probably still coming for you.

      As for me, I never click on My Sites, even before they removed the link to switch to classic. I have the link to my WP-Admin dashboard bookmarked and always go there directly when I’m working on my site.

      1. That could be it. I cleared cookies, logged back in and it’s still the same and I can get to classic mode.

        I am concerned about this principally in case they do it to self-hosted admin panels. If they do that I shall squeem, squeem, squeem!

        ‘Waiting for the ax to fall.’

  2. It does make me wonder what’s happening at the intersection of jetpack and WPcom in so far as the New Dash is concerned. There are pages in the New Dash that I didn’t know exist, like the plugin page which I came across following a link in the forums. I guess this is another example of “watch this space!”. :p

  3. @JenT I see the ‘pencil’ now – never use it. I suspect I clicked it ‘once and never again’ and don’t remember.
    I could still get back to the Admin panel via MySites – but I agree that a newbie could easily get lost.

  4. So Staff did confirm in that same close to 860 reply thread that jetpack connected, self-hosted WordPress sites can also use the New Dash Editor, but I have to wonder which group is taking a bigger beating beta testing the dang thing!

    (Edited to note source of Staff comment-not that I can find it again, maybe after the holidays…)

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