In Memoriam: “Tess” Warn 1952-2015

yizkorSally “Tess” Warn (z”l) was a generous woman, both in real life and online as a volunteer moderator in the Community Support forums where we “met” several years ago. A kind soul, she helped out other WPcom users with her signature sense of humor and her broad knowledge of the platform and the web in general, which she freely shared with all in need and joyfully learned in return from the users she helped.

While our little circle of forum misfits has grown and shrunk over the years, Tess was certainly one of our cornerstones. It’s hard to imagine the forums without her.

Tess’ obituary can be found online, where you will also find a link to an online guestbook for her family.

*(z”l is the Jewish expression for “may her memory be a blessing.” No truer words…)

5 thoughts on “In Memoriam: “Tess” Warn 1952-2015

  1. I’ve known her for only a very short while, but always enjoyed seeing her in the forum and learned quite a lot from her, as I still do from you all. This is sad news.

  2. It’s clear by the responses here, by email and in the forums that Tess (z”l) held a special place in all our hearts and we have been greatly affected by her passing. Her graciousness in handling support requests should be our inspiration to try a little harder to emulate her open heart and generousness.

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