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I chronically write my post-WordCamp summary about a month after the event and this time is no different. At least I’m consistent. 🙂

This year’s #WCIL took place at the end of May and a day before we left on a long-planned and long-awaited, 2-week vacation to Norway. Knowing that I was not yet packed, my time at WCIL was really limited this year. While I found the few sessions I attended interesting, most of my time was spent networking and reconnecting with folks I haven’t seen in a while (apparently much to the consternation of a few people sitting behind us, sorry!).

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One of the biggest changes to earlier WordCampILs, next to the move to the Tel Aviv area, of course, was the addition of several sessions in English. In my view this also contributed to the nearly 400 WordCampIL signups and according to the stats that were shared at the beginning of the day, apparently 70% of those were first-time attendees. While not all 400 showed up, it was clear that  both the change in venue and English language sessions contributed to the explosion in interest.

What was missing from the day’s sessions, for me personally, was a continuation of getting one’s feet wet in WordPress (the standalone software), following last year’s Getting to Know WordPress (Hebrew link).  When I look at the above statistic, it doesn’t tell me how many of those 70% newcomers were developers or users and catering to everyone’s WP needs in a one-day event is, of course, a challenge. While there are plenty of resources (free and paid) on the internet to learn WordPress, face-to-face interaction  is always first priority for me.

Sadly, by mid-afternoon I had to say goodbye to WCIL and, therefore, missed the last 3 sessions of the day. My empty suitcase and a 03:30 wake-up call were waiting for me at home.  All in all, it certainly was worth it!

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6 thoughts on “Afterthoughts on WordCampIL

  1. Interesting post.
    Would it be possible to email out the attendees and get feedback on their level of WP expertise?
    By the way, the ‘How to add semantic data…’ slide looks inviting 🙂

    1. I do hope the organizers will send out a post-event feedback form eventually and on signup they also had a fairly detailed survey, but a lot of the info wasn’t shared with the audience.

      Since Miriam’s talk was in English, eventually her slides will be up on the WCIL website. I’ll be happy to let you know when it is.

  2. Hi Jen,
    Yes, I did.
    I apologise for not replying.
    I have been using a different plugin for a while, and after seeing the slides I made a checklist of things to look into, but I haven’t done it yet.

    This is the plugin I have been using:

    The difference, if I understand it correctly, is that the Raven plugin requires some input on each post, whereas the plugin I have been using makes the decisions.

    Have I understood it correctly, do you think?

  3. Not having a public org site to experiment on, I’m at the shallow end of the pool and don’t feel qualified to comment. Does semantic markup really help your SERPs? Matt Cutts answer to that question (linked in Miriam’s slides) seemed to me like the equivalent of a shoulder shrug.

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