Moar Changes Do Not Necessarily Mean Better

Reader in a Resized Browser Window

Unless you never use it, or haven’t heard the uproar in the Community Forums, you may have missed that a new version of the Reader was sprung on unsuspecting community members this past week. I only noticed the changes when it seemed that most of the post text was gone, replaced with a featured image and overly large, and in some cases pixellated, post titles. It seems that this change was done to make the Reader even more accessible and friendly to mobile users even without using any app.

As of today, however, I no longer have any issues at all with the Reader redesign. I exported the OPML file of all the sites I follow and am now reading them elsewhere. I apologize in advance for the possible lack of page views on your sites as a result.

Even though I can get along without the Reader, the redesign of the “My Blogs” tab impedes my ability to manage my sites efficiently.

What changed:
From a simple text list with direct links to key dashboard functions (Manage Pending Comments!) to a widely spaced vertical index (MOAR SCROLL!) with site thumbnails (what, I don’t recognize my own children?!) and only partially useful links. I ask you, how many times a day will I need a direct link to my Sharing settings or Customize my site? Obviously someone thinks I will.

And I’ve already posted at length (ha!) about my thoughts on the change to the “Comments I made” New Dash tab.

So, dear, maybe a community-wide survey about how we community members would like to use our New Dash would be in order.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Moar Changes Do Not Necessarily Mean Better

  1. I don’t know whether it is better, worse, or different because I have always found it confusing. But one thing that your post has done for me that is positive is that I have looked at Recommended Blogs and at Staff Picks… and now I shall disappear down a rabbit hole exploring those.

    1. While I hope you find new and interesting things to explore, I’m beginning to embrace less rather than more. There’s not enough hours in the day to do all the things I want or need to do and maintain my sanity.

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