Google Plus: Connecting to Pages and Profiles

gplus-64While we cannot yet publicize our posts to Google+ Pages (see this update), we can, however, add a link to either a Profile or a Page in a site’s sidebar by going to this Google page while logged in on Google Plus:

Because of code restrictions on, you can only use the Icon option offered (not the Badge as the code will be stripped out). Once you have created the Icon on that page, copy and paste the code you receive into a Text Widget you’ve added to your sidebar and save. Adding this to your sidebar will connect your site to your Page or Profile as the Publisher of your site.

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10 thoughts on “Google Plus: Connecting to Pages and Profiles

      1. Glad to hear it, although it isn’t clear why the method described in this post and the follow up for pages didn’t work for you.

      2. Yeah, I have no idea either. I was linking and unlinking to see if I did anything wrong but it seemed to be a problem on Google’s end.

        Google Webmaster Tools did the trick but I have no idea how exactly it did. I was randomly clicking things, then it suddenly worked. But anyway, thanks for the guide! It did point me in the right direction! 😀

  1. Kvetching that we can’t add those beautiful customized G+ badges to our blogs. Kvelling because, at least, I have the G+ Icon… Sometime soon, I hope to see the other one function on our blogs like Facebook and Twitter badges do. Oy vey! 🙂

    1. I’ve already answered you in the forums, but will copy it here for clarity:

      Just take it step-by-step. The most important points are that:
      1. in order to get the code from the Google Developer’s page, be logged in to Google with the account that you want to create the widget with. For Pages, that means you need to be logged in with that account. Alternately, you can add the URL of the G+ Page by selecting “Other” in the drop down menu where your G+ profile name appears.
      2. Select the “Icon” option, not the Badge option.
      3. If you wish, you can add text like “See our Page on” or “Follow me on” in the Custom Name field.
      4. Copy all the resulting code from the box under the icon to your clipboard.
      5. Go back to your site’s Appearance>Widget Dashboard on and add a Text Widget to your site’s sidebar.
      6. Paste the code you copied from G+ Developers page into the Text Widget and save it.

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