Use the Support Search, Luke!

Those of us who regularly volunteer in the Community Support Forums are well acquainted with user frustrations when it comes to getting a timely answer to an urgent question. What doesn’t always seem obvious is that answers to many of the questions asked in the forums can be found in one of the best resources around – The Support Site.

At the top of every page on the Community Forums you’ll see this notice:


Clicking on the link in “our Support site” will bring you directly there. You can also get to the Support site by clicking on the Support link in the menu at the top right of the Admin bar.

There are several ways to navigate around the Support site once you’ve landed there, such as the Topics links. My favorite is to go directly to the Search box


and enter a natural phrase or keyword, such as “delete site”, “remove content” “comments”. The search returns generated include relevant Support Docs and also relevant Forum discussions. (Note: With the introduction of Jetpack Search to the Support site in June 2020, forum discussions are no longer included in search results, but you can search the forum separately.)

You might just be surprised by the number of people who have asked a question similar to yours in the past, but keep in mind that while the Support Docs are continuously updated, forum discussions from even 6 months or a year ago may overlook new features that have been introduced since then.

Bonus tip! Did you know that your site’s Dashboard has contextual help? Nearly every page in your Dashboard has a Help bubble in the lower right corner. Clicking on it will open the contextual help and the information given there will change depending on which page of the Dashboard you are on.

Use these tips to polish your skills as a Search Jedi. Of course, if you encounter a rip in the Force and your site is suddenly not behaving as it should or involves a technical problem you cannot solve on your own, the Community Support forums are open 24/7. Forum members, volunteers, mods and Staff will be available to assist you. Meanwhile, use the Force, Luke!

Updated: 24 June 2020

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Featured Image: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND Zeetz Jones on flickr

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