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As with most changes on, they may happen suddenly and without warning.

One of the most recent changes, dropping the “Comments I’ve Made” tab in our site Dashboards in favor of the new “My Activity” tab in the New Dash, drew a lot of fire from the Community. It’s not hard to understand why:

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The point that any comment you’ve left on a post or page is part of a conversation seems to have been entirely (perhaps purposely?) ignored. The Notifications and “My Activity” areas show a comment devoid of any context. Unless you’ve subscribed to receive follow-up comments by email to each post or page that you’ve commented on, you remain entirely ignorant of any further activity on that post or page beyond your own comment. Hardly a way to build “community”. And frankly, if you comment a lot on the sites you follow, if you’ve chosen to subscribe to comments by email, your inbox will surely be a sorry morass within a very short time and fairly ironic coming from Automattic, a company that prides itself on using anything but email for internal communication.

Thankfully as of today, the “Comments I’ve Made” section has been returned to our Dashboards awaiting whatever fate Automattic has in store for it. In his comment in the Community Forum thread, Matt Mullenweg stated that “it’s going to have to change regardless” but here’s hoping that indeed whatever new format it takes will include the context in which our comment was made.

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