This Post Intentionally Left Blank

Here’s why.

Beyond the visual protest, the most important action you can take if you are an American citizen is to contact your State Representative and Senator and tell them why Online Piracy is not the problem. Google has prepared an excellent website explaining the issues.

One thought on “This Post Intentionally Left Blank

  1. Would you remember how I gave you a lesson on the present perfect?
    Well, today I went to the forum to complain about that new Google policy to show only partial results in a search that seems to concern a post of your blog and to show you mainly your own material.
    To get to see what other people see I would have to sign up for Google+.
    And I don’t like the idea and how it is being (let’s say) enforced.

    So I wrote that in the forum and as soon as it was published I saw the awful thing: a present perfect mistake and in the first line!

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