Blogging: Real Name or Pseudonym?

I began blogging under my real name but was I harassed and cyber stalked.   I deleted my original blog and started blogging again under a pseudonym.  After someone very close to us went through 18 months of a living hell due to identity theft, my friends and I made a pact.  We do not blog about our private lives, relationships with friends and family members, or post any images of them on our blogs.

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timethief, former veteran forum volunteer and avid blogger, shared some excellent advice for those starting out blogging on whether to use your real name or a pseudonym. During late 2019 she removed her site from public view and no longer blogs there.

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Read more on “A Case for Pseudonyms” via the Electronic Frontier Foundation

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3 thoughts on “Blogging: Real Name or Pseudonym?

  1. Hi Jennifer,
    I see you have become a real specialist, but I saw two little grammar mistakes which made me wonder what your native language is or rather the language that you now live in. Everything is well explained and well written, so the two little mistakes simply sound foreign. Quote:
    “…began blogging under my real name but was I harassed”

    “Up to now this is pretty straightforward. ”

    Both are at

    The first one should be either “…real name, but I was harassed..” or “……real name, but was harassed…”

    And the second one is typical of German speakers: that present tense. When referring to both present and past, it is present in German and also in Spanish, but not in English where it has to be the so-called (and feared) present perfect.
    E.g. “I have been here since yesterday” means I am still here: estoy aquí = Ich bin seit gestern hier and I believe even in French: je suis là depuis…

    So: up to now this has been pretty straightforward

    And sorry if you knew this and simply changed the grammar a little for whatever reason.

    1. Hi cantueso,

      The part you are are referring to is a reblog from timethief’s site, onecoolsite blogging tips, via the “PressThis” utility. Since the time I reposted this, has reintroduced the reblogging utility and it does not let you change anything in the original post. You can only edit your comment.

      As always, thanks for visiting and especially for commenting. 🙂

  2. This is good advice. I’ve used a pseudonym (well, several) on the innerwebz since the beginning. (It’s a little compromised lately since I’ve published an ebook under my real name, but I’m not too worried, as my real name is common as muck!)

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