So, you want Adsense on your blog?

raincoaster, one of’s most popular bloggers, had this to say about Adsense:

I have had over four million hits on my blog and even though the adsense account connected with it is ALSO running on an external blog, I have yet to make sixty dollars. That’s an average of less than ten dollars a month for hits of 30,000 a month and more. Hosting costs ten bucks a month and up. You do the math.

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Rain can run Adsense on her site because she qualifies for the special AdControl program, which is a revenue sharing program that started a couple of years ago for sites with 25,000 or more page views a month. The vast majority of’s approx. 32 million sites do not receive that kind of traffic.

Do you have an external site that runs Adsense? If yes, what kind of profit have you earned from it?

3 thoughts on “So, you want Adsense on your blog?

  1. I do not have any commercial site, but I did find people who were very good at writing about video games and computer games and they were linked to Amazon selling gadgets. They made a lot of money , not on the clicks, but on percentage commissions that Amazon gives on sales initiated on your site.
    And now I remember, too, one of those partner finding sites!
    They also pay something if you send them somebody and much more if that connection ends in a wedding.
    So when you think you are going to a site that will help you find a sweetheart, you are only helping some blogger earn his keep.

    1. Sites whose primary content is reviews with links to their corresponding products on Amazon has been addressed by Staff several times in the forums, and indeed in the Types of Blogs listed.

      The second instance you mention is “complicated” and anyone running such affiliate links should be aware that they may be outside the TOS and susceptible to suspension.

      My thought is that anyone doing any kind of linking of the sort you mention should run it past Staff first before they get too far along. I cannot imagine anything worse than waking up one day to find my site suspended for a TOS violation.

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