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  • Where to Give Feedback on New WordPress.com Features

    Where to Give Feedback on New WordPress.com Features

    There’s been a recent trend I’ve noticed of bloggers posting about new WordPress.com features or updated features who ask their site visitors to leave feedback about that feature in the comments on their blog. While at first this might seem sensible, it unfortunately has the effect of keeping that feedback from getting to the peopleContinue…

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  • WordCamp Europe 2023-Athens, Greece

    WordPress live events are finally returning and this year’s WordCamp Europe will happen in Athens, Greece in June. “But, heck, it’s only mid-February!” you might be saying. So why am I mentioning this now? If my own experience is any indication, booking your hotel and flight arrangements early can make for a significant discount, notContinue…

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  • New AI Image and Text Generator Blocks Arrive in the WordPress Editor

    I’ve been quietly working on my other blog for #the100dayproject. Today I got knocked off my chair while adding a new paragraph when I was presented with two new Jetpack block options: AI Image (Experimental) This block gives you an image prompt or you can enter your own and it will generate a small selectionContinue…

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  • What the heck is going on with Premium Themes?

    I spent some time recently poking about our Theme Showcase and there is now a subtle and interesting development concerning Premium Themes. As of this writing, they fall into two groups: Welcome Back Third Party Premium Theme(s) In that second group you’ll find the very first 3rd party Premium theme available since before the PremiumContinue…

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