A Personal Note

Since I’ve received notes of concern from a few folks, I thought I would let you know here that me and mine are not in the immediate area of the current conflict, but for those who are, it’s a horrific time right now for everyone and, of course, immensely stressful. However, living in a countryContinue reading “A Personal Note”

Unified We Navigate? is in the process of rolling out a single, unified navigation that replaces the two existing ones: Calypso, the exclusively dashboard at that was introduced in 2015, and WP Admin, the original WordPress dashboard, at (For background see this post.) If your account has been flipped to unified navigation, when youContinue reading “Unified We Navigate?”

P2 Anew!

If you’re a long-time member of, you might remember when the Prologue theme was introduced with great excitement back in 2008. In Matt Mullenweg’s blog post about it from that time, he described it like this: Prologue is a new WordPress theme that’s probably best described as a group Twitter, ideally for 3-15 peopleContinue reading “P2 Anew!”


The start of a new year always encourages me to step back and make an internal review and reassess the things that add value in my life and take a hard look at the things that need to be jettisoned. One thing I’ve found as a result is certain online activities no longer bring meContinue reading “Interlude”

So long 2020!

I don’t like end of the year posts, but I’ll make an exception for 2020, which by anyone’s standards was an exceptional year. And I think I can safely say, not always in a good way! The Ablockalypse This was the year I set up an editorial calendar and for the most part kept toContinue reading “So long 2020!”


Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the US, but it’s always a good time to not only remember those people and things we are grateful for, but to take it one step further to support causes close to home – whether by volunteering or, if you are in a position to do so, by assisting financially. ThisContinue reading “Gratitude”


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